The biggest challenge presented by Chile was not the climate (pleasant), the security situation (felt safe), sanitation (mostly clean) or even the language barrier. It was the time zone. Having flown across the international date line, we had managed to traverse the largest ocean on the planet, and still arrive before we set off. We … More Atacama


This one was written as we were leaving New Zealand to cross the Pacific Ocean, as well as the International Date Line, but perhaps could have been written anywhere. Airport Clean lines polka dot shorts, Steel air fins brand festooned, Transient beach wear, focused suits, Flip flops and boots, Triumphant hostess striding through, Fashion fails … More Airport


Cousin Jenny was waiting at the airport to meet us in Sydney. She had not changed much in the twenty eight years since I had last seen her. I was now a slightly shorter version of my Dad. Our timing had been auspicious, as we had managed to land on Australia Day. Jenny whisked us … More Sydney