Poem from the river

Here is a poem that we wrote in between Luang Prabang in Laos and Pai in Northern Thailand



Motifs cascade in symmetry
A story told in silence
As we rest under shading tree
Thinking about those to come and those gone
reaching for the moment’s sense
Unable to capture the essence of time
We make plans to ride upstream
Here in this moment
Longer than our bodies’ fleeting dreams

Peace in place this holy space
The breeze touches my cheek
Majestic trees line the way
As we forge through the timeless scene
Noise vibrates through my body
More gentle than the bombs and bullets of years past
Babies feeling warm in mother’s arms
A village wrapped in verdant banks
As we feel safe in this moment

The river flows without a plan
Moving clouds – the rat disappears
Then other shapes for other years
The mountains surround me
Big Buddha watches
My thoughts face the future
As lines and ripples on a map
The river will take me through them
Into moments still forming


2 thoughts on “Poem from the river

  1. Hey guys, I am glad to see you are posting again. This is John and Laurel Rodgers, we met you in the hostel in Hanoi and on the Halong bay trip. Our blog is aroadtotravel.com. I see you were recently in Luang Prabang, we did a Visa Run from Chiang Mai to Laos a couple of months ago and visited LP as well as the Plain of Jars in Phonsavan. We are back in Chiang Mai until the 29th of April. We have been waiting for warm weather up north. On the 29th we go to Mynanmar then start a very big adventure. Mongolia, S Korea, Japan, Phillipines, Indonesia. After that probably back to E Europe but this is a long trip over many months. Just wanted to say hello, if you hit Thailand before the end of April come visit us.


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