Indian Rupees: 100 = £1
Note: You can’t bring in or take take out rupees from India – draw out cash from ATMs once you arrive

Needs to be organised a couple of months before your trip starts – prepare fro hassle

Hindi – Hello: Namastey! – Thank You: Shukriyaa
Note: There are many languages throughout India, so these may vary depending where you are

• Taj Mahal – earlier the better (it opens at 6am)
• The Erotic Temple in Khajuraho
• Climbing Triund from McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh
• The Backwaters of Allepey
• Celebrating Onam (THE big festival in Kerala)
• Climbing Chokra Mudi in Munnar, Kerala
• Cup of tea with Janet in Munnar
• Beers in Varkala after a ‘challenging’ 10 hour bus ride
• Sunsets, seafood and cocktails at Varkala Beach
• The people
• The cost

• Beestings and insect bites
• The dirt
• The poverty
• Having to negotiate every price (India is only a very cheap country if you are willing to do this)

• Sort your VISA out in good time
• Be vegetarian (the food is tasty, cheaper and safer)
• Volvo and/or Mercedes AC buses and 2AC and/or 3AC sleeper trains are a relatively comfortable and cheap way to get around – local buses are very cheap, but no fun on long trips

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