Poem from the river

Here is a poem that we wrote in between Luang Prabang in Laos and Pai in Northern Thailand Moments Motifs cascade in symmetry A story told in silence As we rest under shading tree Thinking about those to come and those gone reaching for the moment’s sense Unable to capture the essence of time We … More Poem from the river

Merry Christmas

Jesus Christ was born a Jew, became a prophet of Islam, is one of the 330 million Hindu Gods, and is of course the main man for Christians. Today we are celebrating his birthday, which comes shortly after the Pagan New Year (otherwise known as the Winter Solstice). We are sat on a beach in … More Merry Christmas

Poem from Hanoi

We have started writing poems in the places that we are visiting, for a bit of fun. The technique is to find somewhere to sit, or find ourselves sitting somewhere, write one line and pass it over to Nikki to write the next, then she passes back to me for another line, and so on. … More Poem from Hanoi